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History of the Rescue Challenge

The Rescue Challenge  sees world class rescue teams compete annually in an event designed to challenge emergency service personnel and raise awareness of the global problem of road death and injury.

Highly skilled rescue teams participate in various challenges each year. Each team consists of six members, the team leader, a medic, three technical rescue personnel and one person responsible for operational support.


During the rescue challenge teams are presented several different scenarios that test their ability to develop an operational plan and successfully extricate the casualty in the allotted time.


 Scenarios include the following:

• 30min. Complex- Where the team will perform a triage and rescue of two causalities one of whom condition has deteriorated from a multi vehicle crash.

• 20min. Unlimited- Where all types of rescue equipment can be used to rescue one stable and entrapped casualty.

• 20min. Limited- Which has an emphasis on small hand tools and does not permit the use of hydraulic rescue equipment.

• 10min. Rapid- Which sees teams perform a rescue of a casualty whose condition has deteriorated.



A team of international assessors observe Incident Command & Management, Medical, and Technical Rescue.


To date there have been sixteen WRC`s which have been held in the following locations:



Australia 1999, Scotland 2000, South Africa 2001, the Czech Republic 2002, Canada 2003, England 2004, New Zealand 2005, South Africa 2006, Spain 2007, Wales 2008 and Germany 2009, Ireland 2010, New Zealand 2011, England 2012, USA 2013 and Portugal 2015.


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