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Code Of Ethics

     As members of the North American Vehicle Rescue Association, we recognize the importance of making known to our clients, sponsors and to the general public that all business practices will adhere to a strict Code of Ethics.  This Code will embody several key ethical principles and responsibilities to help guide the North American


     Vehicle Rescue Association in a fair and un-biased manor.

The principles of this Code are expressed in broad statements to guide ethical decision making.  These statements will provide a framework to help enforce and support the North American Vehicle Rescue Association’s mission and purpose.


     As a North American Vehicle Rescue Association executive officer, instructor or member I will….

• Provide the highest level of professionalism and courteously to fellow members, clients, sponsors and the general public at all times.
• Support and respect the principle of diversity of all cultures and avoid harm to others.
• Be honest and trustworthy when conducting NAVRA business and provide full disclosure of all pertinent information that might lead to conflicts of interest.
• Be fair and take action not to discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, age, disability, national origin, or other such factors.
• Honor all contracts, agreements and assigned responsibilities
• Strive for excellence by maintaining and enhancing professional knowledge and skills and by encouraging further professional development of co-workers by fostering positive networking aspirations.

     Adherence of NAVRA members to this Code of Ethics is highly encouraged.  However, if a member does not follow this Code by engaging in gross misconduct, membership in NAVRA may be terminated.  Not only is it important for NAVRA members to adhere to the principles expressed in this Code, each member should encourage and support adherence by other members.