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     On behalf of the Executive Board I would like to personally welcome you to the North American Vehicle Rescue Association (NAVRA).   Through your active participation in NAVRA training sessions, website interaction and networking opportunities, I am confident that you will find NAVRA membership to be rewarding, both professionally and personally.

     The premise for this association is rooted in our desire to bring all of those who respond and operate at motor vehicle crashes together under one banner to share knowledge and learn from one another.  The increasing need to develop new vehicle technologies designed to be safer and more fuel efficient is great for all of us, but as rescuers, this innovation poses an increased risk of encountering hidden hazards which is going to increase the need for training.


     As an organization, we will foster mutually beneficial partnerships between public, private, corporate and governmental agencies to accomplish our goals. These partnerships will be the cornerstone of NAVRA’s commitment to provide cost-effective, innovative and comprehensive vehicle rescue management training to a wide variety of people.

     As rescuers, we all know that our highways can be used to transport a wide variety of hazards and when accidents happen we are going to be the first to respond.  Without a doubt we are on the front lines of Homeland Security and the need to be proactive in our approach to vehicle rescue management in imperative.

     To accomplish our mission “to prepare today for success tomorrow” NAVRA will establish ten different geographical training divisions throughout North America.  Seven of these divisions will be located in the United States, two in Canada and one International division will encompass Mexico and the Caribbean.   It will be through this diversity that NAVRA will emerge as a leading training and networking association.  NAVRA is and will continually be dedicated to improving vehicle rescue management for rescuers by rescuers.


Again, welcome to NAVRA and the future of vehicle rescue management training.




Dan Zinge, President